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15.03.2023 - 14:35

What is it?

The English Language Program for Spilka members is designed to connect Ukrainian lawyers with native English-speaking lawyers to practice and improve their legal English. This program is an excellent opportunity for Spilka members to enhance their language skills, network with legal professionals from around the world, and gain a competitive edge in the international legal market.

The program is conducted entirely online, allowing participants to connect from anywhere in the world. Students and volunteers are matched based on their language level and legal interests, and are encouraged to meet regularly to practice speaking in English...

15.03.2023 - 14:35

Empowering Ukrainian Lawyers in the UK

SPILKA, a community deeply committed to Ukraine's postwar recovery and the rule of law, has partnered with the University of Law Bloomsbury to support Ukrainian lawyers displaced in the UK due to the conflict in their home country.

About the Program

As part of this collaboration, the University of Law Bloomsbury will host a series of talks by their lecturers, covering a wide range of practical topics. These talks will take place in either the lecture theatre (RG05) or SG01, depending on the level of interactivity expected to take place...


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