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Ukraine Recovery Meet&Greet

14.06.2023 - 16:30

Join us on June 14th for the Ukraine Recovery Event. This pivotal meeting, hosted by Spilka and partnered with Kennedys in London, is essential for legal professionals committed to the future of Ukraine

We'll be addressing key subjects surrounding private insurance, the role of businesses, and disaster risk reduction frameworks, all crucial components of Ukraine's reconstruction journey. Listen to insights from our distinguished panel: Mustafa Nayyem, Nazar Tanasyshyn, Jean Cloutier, Dr. Thomas Sepp, Christopher Carroll, and Nick Williams, all under the guidance of our esteemed host, Ukrainian TV presenter Olga Freimut.

Legal Practice in the UK for Ukrainian Lawyers: from A to Z

📅 Date: May 19, 2023 ⏰ Time: 6:00 PM London Time

🔍 What to expect? In this 1-hour session, two of the Spilka's Founders Natalia Savonik and Oleg Shaulko will dive into most common questions to discuss the ins and outs of the legal practice for Ukrainian lawyers in the UK. Following the official part, we'll have a 30-40 minutes interactive Q&A where you can ask your questions and engage in networking. 🌐 Language: Ukrainian 🇺🇦


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